Words by Chris Kendall, BIGthink!® Specialist


The art of bookkeeping can be all too mysterious – the bookkeeper turns up once a week, taps a few keys on the keyboard, catches up by working through the paper stack, prints out a few reports and then they leave. Hopefully they come back next week, and if you are lucky it will be the same day and time – unless they are sick or decide to take a holiday or have another client that demands their attention, and then it will be whenever they can fit you into their busy schedule.

Here are six reasons that the traditional bookkeeping model is out of date:

  1. The bookkeeper only works when it suits them, not when the business needs the information;
  2. Bookkeeping is always catch-up, posting piles of invoices stacked up since their last visit and looking for missing receipts;
  3. The objective is to file the BAS on time, not provide real-time information on business performance;
  4. Bookkeepers have explained and unexplained absences, and the processing stops until they return;
  5. Bookkeeping is paper driven, creating office clutter and filing cabinets full of paper; and
  6. Information and reports are compliance driven, not performance focused.

Over the past few years, the technology landscape has changed dramatically – Xero is now providing small businesses with a connected ecosystem of applications that drives efficiency and reduces the administrative burden of filing forms manually. Everything seems to have caught up, except for the traditional bookkeeping model – it simply cannot deliver the promise of real-time information.

And today’s businesses need real-time information to remain relevant and competitive. It’s no longer good enough to get information only when the bookkeeper has time to fit you into their schedule and get caught up periodically.

Now there is an alternative – AreteX provides real-time bookkeeping and we deliver the promise of cloud accounting – real-time information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere! Our processes make sure that we deliver on the promise of a paperless office, with all of the supporting documentation attached to each transaction record in Xero. No more searching through paper files and filing cabinets – just a simple click and all the details are displayed.

Aretex has also fundamentally changed how business owners use their accounting information. We are revolutionising the industry by making information on-demand and in real-time – no more waiting.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me. I would be happy to talk about your needs, learn about your business and explain how Aretex will combine people, process and technology to provide you with low-cost, high quality bookkeeping that delivers the information you need to run your business and improve performance.



Chris is passionate about helping small businesses grow and flourish in a competitive landscape. Focus on eliminating cost and improve efficiency by providing real time information so that business owners can make informed decisions and improve performance.

His business, AreteX, has transformed the delivery of bookkeeping services, driving down the cost and improving the quality of real-time information. AreteX combines people, process and technology to deliver high quality information for business owners to make informed decisions and improve the performance of their business.



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