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Words by Jaquie Scammell


The relationship between a business and its customer can be viewed as a bank account. Every greeting, thank you and meaningful interaction you have with your customer is like a small deposit that over time add up to be of great worth and add value to your trust account.

Of course, we are only human and things sometimes go wrong. A product may be recalled or an issue may need to be rectified quickly, but the relationship you have built will prevent a withdrawal from the trust account. It will be what sets you apart from the competition and cement the loyalty of your customers.

As we start to understand that customers want transparency, honesty and trust: is it any wonder that I make a bold statement by saying that customer satisfaction is having a negative impact on your business?

Think of it like this: Do you prefer lust or love? Do you prefer a mobile phone or a smart phone that gives you everything you need from emails to apps and storing your most precious photos?

Prefer denotes the positive where satisfactory has almost a negative tone.

I’m only satisfied with lust for a short while knowing it’s not sustainable, yet I am passionate about love and all of what love brings. As for the mobile phone, well these days a device that simply makes a call is no longer enough – I need so much more from my phone. It needs to keep me connected constantly and provide me with most of the important day-to-day requirements. All this at my fingertips and in one device please.

So why, oh why, would any of us want to provide customer satisfaction OR customer service? In my eyes, this is boring, beige and vanilla; it is no longer enough; it is no longer sustainable; and it does not keep me connected to a brand, to a business.

There’s a power shift here. The customer is driving the future and they are not asking for a navigator; they are taking off and leading the way with a sat nav programmed to reach destination customer inspiration.



Jaquie is a natural leader. She delivers processes that spark energy into businesses, which result in people feeling more connected to their customers and the higher purpose of their work. Jaquie will not tolerate bad customer service. She is obsessed with systems and people, and believes in a strong discipline of processes, procedures and operations that offer people in their business, clarity and confidence to empower them to let their light shine.


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