Starting and growing a business is highly challenging. We don’t believe you should make that journey alone, so we’ve gone and found the people you’ll need to help you get there. Need a lawyer, tax accountant, online marketing guru, systems and process designer, brand and IP consultant? We’ve got ’em. And you have direct access to them.

The BIGthink!® Specialist Hub is an awesome group of people with a huge amount of expertise and experience you can instantly tap into to help achieve your goals. Here’s just a handful of our super talented experts…



JASON DAVIS, Investment Alternatives

Core specialisations: Financial Planning and Investment

Being involved in the finance industry for the past 15 years has equipped Jason with the knowledge and experience to appropriately advice clients during different stages of their lives starting with budgeting and wealth creation in the early stages, to borrowing to purchase their first home and paying it off tax effectively, and then going onto tax planning, wealth accumulation via shares/property/business ventures, building superannuation, pre-retirement and retirement planning as well as risk insurance and estate planning.

E [email protected] M 0426 981 818 W


SAMANTHA JANSEN, Platform 4 Success

Core specialisations:Social Media Marketing Strategy, Self-Publishing

Samantha Jansen is the owner of Platform 4 Success, a marketing consultancy business offering small business owners online and offline consultancy on how to build credibility, influence their audience and build strategic marketing campaigns on social media followed by helping small business owners become published authors by writing their own books to further increase their credibility.

She has worked with small business owners to build effective social media marketing campaigns and sales funnels while working with published authors to increase visibility for their books through social media. She is an also a published author in Australia and the US.

E [email protected] M 0430 022 762 W


ANNOLE STEYN, BIGthink! Business Booster®

Core specialisations: Organisational Alignment and Management, Human Capital Strategy and Investment, Executive Coaching

Annole makes businesses more profitable by aligning people with the business objectives and outcomes. This stems from a deep seated belief that the best companies succeed because they view their people as an investment that contribute to the bottom line, and understand that their people underpin the objectives and the strategy of the organisation.

As an Organisational Development and Human Capital board level business partner with more than 25 years international and multicultural experience, Annole provides strategic expert guidance to her clients on their People Strategy, Organisational Development & Design; ensuring that it is scalable to their business growth and Transitional Change Initiatives, especially during mergers & acquisitions.

E [email protected] M 0418 936 136



Core specialisations: Data Analysis for Commercial Insights

As Principal Consultant of Q Insight, Sam Qualtrough brings a unique skill set to client engagements. He has a long track record in commercial property advisory, having provided strategic property development advice to major retail organisations, as well as to State and Local Government bodies.

He also brings a passion for communication and insight, determined to ensure that reports do not simply “gather dust on the shelf”: instead, analysis is communicated throughout the organisation, from initial data mining, to aggregated findings, and ultimately crystalised into insights at the highest decision-making level.

E [email protected] M 0433 635 421 W

Jacqui Pretty

JACQUI PRETTY, Grammar Factory

Core specialisations: Writing and Publishing

Jacqui Pretty is the Founder and Head Editor of Grammar Factory, a writing and editing company that helps entrepreneurs write books that boost their businesses, as well as the author of Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book.

She and her team have worked with over 100 authors across a range of industries – including business, finance, health and wellness, travel and immigration, marketing, property, hospitality, law, photography, personal development and more. Her clients have become Amazon bestsellers, gotten featured on national television, landed paid speaking engagements and doubled their revenue. In short, she has witnessed first-hand the power of publishing to transform a business.

E [email protected] M 0423 441 701 W

annemarie cross

ANNEMARIE CROSS, Communicate Your Brand

Core specialisations: Brand & Communications Strategy

Annemarie Cross is a Brand and Communication Strategist from Communicate Your Brand. She’s also often referred to as “The Podcasting Queen” by her community and has been podcasting since 2008. Combining her love of technology, and in particular – podcasting technologies, Annemarie has built a business, client base and support team that is truly global by harnessing the power of social media and cutting-edge online technologies, and now empowers other small businesses to do the same.

Annemarie’s Done-For-You Podcasting & Mentoring programs help you boost your visibility, reach and influence so you get noticed, hired and paid what you’re worth by your ideal client.

E [email protected] M 0414 714 958 W



Core specialisations: Acquisition Strategy

Kenneth is a project-based, sales focused CEO, M&A negotiator and post-acquisition integration executive with experience as both principal and as adviser, gained during a 28 year career, leading companies through growth and change. Adept at driving company growth, from start-up through mid-size, engaging them in turnaround activity, he thrives on being tasked with hands-on leadership of business development, acquisition strategy, capital raising and the negotiation of merger growth deals.

Kenneth has worked primarily in Australian IT&T and Professional Services but also across a range of other industry sectors, leading teams tasked with executing rapid expansion strategies. His career includes substantial transaction experience in UK, South Africa, Europe and the USA. This has enabled him to develop a keen understanding of legal requirements and cultural sensitivities in foreign jurisdictions.

E [email protected] M 0410 207 387 W

bob pierce


Core specialisations: HR Strategy, Compliance and Risk Management, Recruitment

Owners of small businesses are typically most motivated by doing what they do. Often, dealing with administration, compliance, and particularly individual people issues, comes bottom of the list of priorities. Bob fixes that problem, keeps your business safe and frees you to concentrate on your business.
More strategically, Bob can also support you with talent management, workforce planning and succession planning to assist a growth journey that is smooth and seamless.

E [email protected] M 0411 498 622 W

heather maloney

HEATHER MALONEY, Contact Point IT Services

Core specialisations: Digital Marketing, Digital Design

Contact Point IT Services Pty Ltd specialises in providing technology solutions to help our clients grow. This may be achieved through technology which engages with staff, customers, prospects or suppliers. We focus on achieving measurable business benefits, in a cost effective manner.

Heather will assist you to utilise technology to grow your organisations by designing the strategies and solutions in consultation with expert team members, and then ensuring that the right team members are deployed to deliver your project.

E [email protected] M 0411 550 915 W


KYLIE HARKER, Squirrel Business Hub

With over 20 years experience in building small-medium businesses, Kylie has an ability to
see where growth opportunities lie and has the skill set to develop and roll out a solution to support clients growth goals. She has a knack for connecting people to the resources they need to develop lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

E [email protected] M 0413 584 170 W


SUSAN BARRETT, Barrett Consulting Group |

Core specialisations: Sales

Sue Barrett lives by the philosophy that ‘selling is everybody’s business & everybody lives by selling something‘, and is the founder and managing director of Barrett Consulting Group. Sue is one of Australia’s leading sales consulting firms partnering with companies to improve their sales operations. One of Sue’s most significant achievements is to be the first in Australia to put the profession of selling on the University Agenda with the Barrett Sales Essentials Program now accredited as a Diploma of Business with Swinburne University.

E [email protected] M 0411 416 871 W |


MIRA STAMMERS, Legally Yours

Core specialisations: Law, Writing

Mira Stammers is the founder and CEO of Legally Yours, which provides specialist legal advice to consumers and small-business owners at fixed-fee prices. Mira is a regarded as a leading Australian lawyer and regularly writes legal articles for various small-business and property-investment publications.

E [email protected] M 0401 110 533 W



Core specialisations: Design, Photography

What does a Google search show prospects about your brand identity and therefore your reputation? Is it a great first impression? is here to make you look awesome! Through the medium of photography and graphic design, Tim will help with your brand identity, professional or personal, to look its very best. Tim’s experience is diverse, having also worked with large corporates and start ups. Tim is the creative genius behind the BIGthink!® logo and website concept.

E [email protected] M 0415 698 096 W


GREG FACTOR, Whiteblack Digital

Core specialisations: Web Design, Online Marketing, Graphic Design

Whiteblack Digital is a full service web design and digital marketing company focussed on growing their clients businesses by cutting through the noise and converting online visitors into customers. What makes Whiteblack Digital different? They keep it simple and deliver on their promise, achieving successful results for their clients.

E [email protected] M 1300 559 971 W


GEOFF MOLLER, Geosys Pty Ltd

Core specialisations: Trademarks, Intellectual Property

Geoff is a strategic-minded leader who attracts like-minded business people who appreciate trading knowledge with a well-connected management consultant, intuitive business adviser and, in many cases, mentor.

E [email protected] M 0411 351 110 W

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