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Words by Jaquie Scammell, BIGthink! Specialist


Your customers don’t need much encouragement to cheat on you.

Factors preventing loyalty are:

  • Consumer idiosyncrasies.
  • Multi brand loyalty, more choices than ever
  • Their needs have changed and you haven’t caught up
  • Your irrelevant and they are switching incentives
  • They are bored and seeking variety

In other words, you have stopped having the conversation with them! Without having the conversation with your customers you eventually loose the conversation with your customer. Loosing conversations equates to loosing long term profit improvements.

When your business is obsessed about the customer it will inspire customer loyalty, which will bring increased profits beyond 6%. Reference: Olivers (1999) phases of loyalty development.

So what’s the solution?

The new century customer has redefined what’s above the line of customer service and they want nothing less than to be inspired.


There are 5 devotions of customer inspiration that will over time lead to stunning results in your business.



A Hospitality & Retail Management Professional well known in the Australian and United Kingdom (UK) Catering / food & beverage industry. It was at the age of 30 when Jaquie was appointed her first General Manager  role that her proven success in training management teams became evident. Today Jaquie leads her company with a natural blend of global operational expertise and proven training techniques tailored for all size organisations getting  real results every time.


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