At BIGthink!® we’re all about helping small business owners succeed, and we’re really excited about this new partnership between our friends at Cahoot Learning and Stanford University. This new collaboration enables you to access the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate.


“Be prepared to get out of your chair and use your whole brain, because creativity and innovation take practice!”


Knowing how to incorporate innovation in your work and teams is crucial for creating thriving workplaces and careers. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship professional certificate program will teach you essential skills and effective strategies for working in and managing innovative organizations – and for starting new ones. In classes designed to engage and inspire, you will learn by doing from some of Stanford’s best in the field.

This certificate is offered online. Modules within the course may be taken in any order and are self-paced. You have the flexibility of taking individual modules within the program or earning the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate by completing 8 modules. You can read more about each module below:



(XINE214) Empathize and Prototype: A hands-on dive into the key tools of Design Thinking

Move beyond theory and dive into the experience and practice of innovation through rapid prototyping. Students will learn the principles of rapid prototyping and tools for gaining empathy with customers and immediately put them to use in a series of hands on exercises. Using Design Thinking as a framework, students will tackle innovation challenges from start to finish and leave with an understanding of the key tenets of design thinking and a sense for ways they can incorporate them into their work.

As part of the Stanford Professional Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Tools of Innovation module comes straight from the heart of Silicon Valley. It is designed to foster your ability to think differently in your quest to develop innovative products, services and organisations. Click here for more information and how to apply.


(XINE217) The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation 


(XINE229) Leading InnovationJD


(XINE232) Scaling Excellence through Innovation 


(XINE235) Creating Demand: Driving growth


(XINE241) Innovating Through Value Chains 


(XINE246) Simple Rules for Strategy Driven Innovation


(XINE249) Building Business Models 


(XINE251) Financing Innovation: Valuing projects and firms


(XINE254) Marketing Innovation


(XINE257) Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset 


(XINE260) Negotiation: How to get (more of) what you want 






JEREMY UTLEY, Lecturer and Director of Executive Education, and PERRY KLEBAHN, Consulting Associate Professor and Director of Executive Education, Stanford D.School.


Cahoot is an online learning environment and methodology developed specifically for professional education. Collaboration is the key and learners work together with Stanford course experts in an intimate online community.

The Stanford Center for Professional Development makes it possible for today’s best and brightest professionals to enrol in Stanford University courses and programs while they maintain their careers.

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