Small business BIG growth®

Ultimately, the success of almost every small business is driven largely by the actions of the business owner. Sometimes we act in ways that affect our team’s motivation and success, the culture of our business, and in turn our success! This is why, it’s good to stop and check to see what example you are setting… and whether it is the right type of leadership to grow your business!

Here’s a simple checklist against which you can measure yourself!


Customer Service and attitude

  • Do I demonstrate exceptional customer service?
  • What do customers say about me?
  • Do I always deliver on what I promise?
  • Do I complain about customers to my staff?


Being respectful

  • Am I respectful of people’s time and on time to meetings?
  • Do I belittle staff members in front of their colleagues?


Coaching and mentoring

  • Am I available to help people when they need it?
  • Do I recognise when members of my team need help and just pitch in?
  • Do I provide the environment where employees can excel?
  • What advancement opportunities do I provide employees?



  • Do I lead by example with respect to company expenses?
  • Do I know the financial drivers of the business?
  • Do I pay suppliers on time?


Managing staff

  • What sort of example do I set in terms of dress and attitude?
  • Would I work for me?
  • Would I hire me if I applied for a job?
  • Am I reasonable in all my dealings with staff?
  • Do I set a high standard and expect people to meet it?
  • Do I communicate expectations clearly?
  • Am I a clock-watcher?


How do you stack up?


Leadership is complex and made up of many elements. There are stacks of books on the topic, but first and foremost, leadership
is about demonstrating the behaviours you want to see in others.

If you want your business to be noted for its exceptional customer service, you need to provide exceptional service at every opportunity. If you want staff to be punctual for work every day, turn up early all the time. If you want your team to be considerate of each other, demonstrate that same consideration. Team members will generally follow good leaders.

However, the reverse is also true; in the absence of an effective leader, your team members are likely to head off into the wilderness. And this is not want you want in your business. Spending time guiding, coaching and providing a good work environment for your employees will help you in the long run.

Remember, provide direction and purpose and you will solve many of the issues that plague small businesses.


Are you ready for your business growth journey?