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Words by Lex Brown, Connector of People and Businesses


A presentation I was watching recently gave me cause for pause. The presenter was talking about motivations and drivers, and glossed over understanding your ‘Why’, as being something that could change, and therefore could not be relied upon as a long-term motivator.

I had to reflect on this, because it is now more than 25 years since I identified my ‘why’ as: ‘To empower others to grow and succeed.”13473651-male-hands-close-up-black-and-white

And during those 25 years, whilst how I apply those values may have changed; the underlying core value has remained the same, if not grown even stronger.

Whilst it could be argued, that as we go through different stages of life, such as the teenage years, the young family, the ‘teenage kids’ stage, the empty nester, and on to retirement, of course our priorities will evolve and change to fit our current situation.

However, it has been my experience that, if you have dug deep enough, and truly identified your core values; priorities may affect how you apply those core values. But the values themselves will still be your primary driver.

Early on, most of us are so busy discovering life to be too concerned about such things until we get a little older. Again in my personal journey, it wasn’t until the ‘mid life crisis’ that I eventually started asking ‘why?’. What else is there? Is this all there is?

Once you have identified your ‘why’ however, it creates a yardstick against which every decision can me measured. For example, “is what I am contemplating doing, congruent with my core values?”

Every role I have performed in my life, and there have been many, have reflected my core value of ‘Empowering others to grow and succeed”

As a furniture and bedding retailer, I helped my customers get a good night’s sleep, and enjoy comfort in their surroundings

As a Real Estate Agent, assisting my clients into the home of their dreams

As a teacher of retail trainees at TAFE, I was particularly excited to be able to help young minds to develop skills and awareness that would help them throughout their careers,

As a Recruitment Consultant, I was helping not only the candidate to obtain a role in which they could grow and develop, but also the client company, both manager and business would benefit from the new input of a well-selected candidate.

Working with The Australian Human Resources Institute was also a great experience, running events to help to educate HR Professionals both through enlisting speakers, and facilitating peer to peer learning,

In my role with CareersMultiList, I brought many recruitment agencies together so that they could learn from each other, and work together for the benefit of all, and now…

Still part of CML Group, with Earlypay, I have the pleasure of assisting small businesses with finance that directly helps them with their cashflow, so that they can grow their businesses.

And in order to do that I am working with referral partners, whom I am helping by connecting them with other referral partners whom they can learn from, do business with, or refer their clients to.

If you are truly aligned with what your core value or ‘why’ is, then being consistent, congruent and authentic is simply who you are.



After 35 years in his own businesses, retail, real estate, recruitment and cash flow finance, Lex is now helping small businesses to grow by providing cash flow finance and assisting CEO’s of medium sized businesses to build strong referral communities.


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