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Words by John Di Natale, Managing Director of BIGthink! Business Booster®


Calling yourself an entrepreneur is pretty cool right now. I’ve carried out extensive research, which consisted of going to a few networking events and asking people this probing question: “What do you do?” Based on the responses and some complicated algorithms, my calculations show that by the year 2037, everyone on the planet will in fact be an entrepreneur 🙂

Now, I love to hear about two friends who started something that became a multi-million dollar venture in no time flat, how they were bought out by the big guys for some ridiculous sum and how they are now running webinars from a tropical island teaching how you can do the same.

I know from experience though, that’s not the path for most people.

I love to hear the gurus tell us how they have discovered the secret formula that will make you an overnight success and instant entrepreneurial superstar.

I know from experience though, that’s not the path for most people.

I love the online thingy that will generate a million leads, create a huge stream of passive income so you can spend your day polishing your new supercar – just like the one in the pic.

I know from experience though, that’s not the path for most people.

Truth is; being an entrepreneur can be really bloody hard. Success is usually the result of years of work, mistakes, failures, learning, trying, struggling, figuring it out and eventually making it work. It’s the result of passion, focus and persistence. It’s the result of continuing to believe when those around you give up. It’s the result of not losing sight of your goals no matter how many shiny objects and cat videos pop up to distract you.

It’s one step forward and three back, it’s frustration, it’s people not doing what they say they will, it’s being let down by people you thought you could trust, it’s wondering whether you should just give up and go get a job.

It’s also exciting and hugely satisfying. When you get that win, set up that alliance, smash that event. When your clients let you know you really are adding value, when you have the opportunity to contribute to something good, something outside your business that is making a difference in the world. Thats really cool.

So by all means, be an entrepreneur, but be committed to enjoying the journey. Think BIG. Get focused. Get shit done. Succeed.

I can’t wait to go to an event to hear you share your story.



John Di Natale is Founder and Managing Director of BIGthink! Business Booster®, a highly sought-after speaker and business growth specialist. The BIGthink! MasterPlan and Business Booster programs are specifically designed to help you grow your business faster and build the life you really want.


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